It might not seem like a bad idea to store your boat in the water during the off-season, but many boat owners will be surprised to learn that, over time, water can play a significant role in the deterioration of your boat or jet ski’s exterior.

What is a Boat Lift?

A lift or hoist allows the boat, pontoon, jet ski, and other watercraft to be lifted out of the water. Hoists are primarily used for larger vessels, while lifts are typically for smaller watercraft. They can be used to perform maintenance and repairs but are increasingly being added to docks as a method of storage.

Boat lifts are becoming more common because boat owners are realizing the negative effects of traditional wet storage on their watercraft. Econo Lift has a variety of lifts to choose from that are sure to make your life easier come boating season. Contact us to learn more!

Damage Caused By Wet Storing Boats

You may be trying to get an early start in spring by storing your boat in the water, but the damage caused by wet storage can actually delay getting your boat up and running for the season. Since boats are meant to be in the water, owners may think that their watercraft are fine being stored in it year-round, but that is not the case — more time spent in the water means more problems. Extra costs, maintenance, and care are required with wet storage because the water and other natural elements will wear away at the boat’s appearance and performance over time.

There are many negatives of wet storage:

  • Water that freezes can damage the watercraft beyond repair
  • Bottom painting may need to be done in the spring before setting off
  • Corrosion can occur which could lead to leaks
  • Algae and moss can develop because water is the perfect breeding ground
  • The boat can become covered with hull blisters

The best way to eliminate the risk of deterioration and damage is by adding a boat lift to your dock. You can actually see the difference in the condition of traditional wet-stored watercraft versus those stored with a dock lift.

Benefits of a Boat Lift

Instead of having your boat or jet ski sit in the water during offseason, elevating it above the water line significantly protects your investment and helps keep your watercraft in pristine condition.

The benefits of boat lifts clearly show this option is better than wet storage:

  • Support and protection from wind, storm waves, and winter ice
  • The need for a boat ramp is eliminated because watercraft can drive directly onto the boat lift
  • Fewer repairs and maintenance, saving you money and maximizing your time spent enjoying yourself on the water
  • Have peace of mind in knowing your boat won’t become untied or damaged and sink when you’re not around
  • Prevent natural elements like algae and moss from developing

Boats left in the water can cost you extra time, money, and effort. A boat lift is the only way to fully protect your vessel and prevent damage.

Power Boat Lifts

Econo Lift provides easy-to-use boat lifts that are perfect for every boat or personal watercraft and dock! Our team can help you decide which is the right lift for you. Contact Econo Lift to ensure your watercraft is properly stored and protected from the elements.

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