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At Econo Lift, we take boat lifts seriously. Our team of experts has been building custom boat lifts for over 30 years, offering quality and dependability that is second to none. If you’re like us, you also hate when boating season ends! With a boat lift, you can save on storage fees and hit the water sooner than those that store their boat. But, as many boat owners know, winterizing your boat lift properly is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your equipment is ready to go once the snow melts. Keeping your lift in top condition can help you kick off the summer season knowing everything is working as it should.

Cold water and ice don’t affect Econo Lift boat hoists and personal watercraft lifts; the plastic tanks are more pliable and flexible with the contraction and expansion of the ice. However, here are some important things you should do to winterize your boat lift:

Professional Inspection

It’s best to have your boat lift professionally inspected each year. Dealers will usually be busier in spring, so it’s a good idea to schedule your inspection before winterizing it. A trained technician will look for any damage and ensure all the parts are in working order. This can help identify any potential problems and allow you to make repairs before they become more serious—and costly—down the line.

Before Storing or Setting Up Again

Clean off any debris from your float tanks and algae from the sides of the tank. Visually inspect the air hose leading to your boat lift’s tanks and ensure you don’t see bubbles indicating a leak. Open and close the hose valves to make sure they work. Make sure the hoses are not being pinched by your boat. Examine the boat lift for loose parts and ensure all the bolts on the lift are tight.

Raise Your Boat Lift Out of the Water

Keep your lift in the raised position in the winter, do not let it hang down in the water. Raising your boat lift out of the water is the best way to keep it from getting damaged by the elements over winter. If you have access to a pressure washer, clean off the galvanized frame. Afterward, ensure all components are dry and that the pump is unplugged. As an extra precaution, it’s a good idea to have lines tied from your boat to the dock even in the raised lift position. This eliminates the boat detaching in the unlikely event the lift loses air.

Covers and Canopies

A cover for your lift motor will allow the internals of your lift to survive the elements as the snow or cold rain will not be able to penetrate the inner workings of the boat lift. Canopies hang over the boat lift, covering your boat and protecting it from precipitation, sun and birds, but they should be folded and stored after it is completely dry. Storing a wet or damp cover can form mold/mildew, but storing it in a warm, dry location will extend the life of your canopy.

Contact Econo Lift

With Econo Lift, boat owners in Camdenton and the Lake of the Ozarks can rest easy knowing their boats are ready for whatever the season throws at them. Our team of experts can come on-site to your boat lift and check for any loose screws and ensure everything is secure so you won’t have to worry when your boat is stored for winter. Econo Lift can help you prepare for whatever the winter season will bring. Contact our support team today!

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