Econo Lift Product Videos & Tutorials

How To Replace Your Econo Lift Motor Box

How to Install an Econo Lift Boat Lift Replacement Motor
Econo Lift provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a boat lift replacement motor. Watch this video to learn more.

Moving an Econo Lift Boat Hoist into Water
Moving an Econo boat lift hoist into the water to be towed to its final destination is a seamless process. Learn how.

Econo Lift Installation Hose Attachment
One of the final steps of the Econo Lift installation is the hose attachment. First place the hose on top of the valve using sealant and hose clam. Tighten securely. Next submerge the lift & cut the hose to fit on the lift control unit. Lastly, attach hose to control unit using sealant & hose clamp.

Installing a Boat Lift Part 2
The second part of installing an Econo Lift boat lift is connecting the arms to the dock brackets. To connect the arms & dock brackets, use the lower pivot point bushing assembly 5/8 ” bolts, nuts & washer provided. Make sure to tighten all four bolts.

Boat Lift Installation Instructions Part 3
The third part of the Econo lift boat lift installation instructions is to center the lift in the well. In order to do this, you need to slide the frame on the arms until the frame is an equal distance from the dock on both sides. Hold the frame centered by sliding the retainers on the arms against the bushings in the frame so that the arms slide through. Then tighten all four retainers.

Installing Boat Lift Brackets
To install boat lift brackets on an Econo lift, determine where you want to locate the back dock bracket. Locate the placement by measuring from the rear of the back dock bracket 118” (166”) to the rear of the front dock bracket. This will put the dock brackets on 118” (166”) centers. Attach the dock brackets to the dock at the closest point to water level as possible. It’s always best to drill through the dock bracket and the dock. Attach with no smaller than a 3/8” bolt.

Completed Installation of Econo Lift Lake of the Ozarks
This is an example of a completed installation of an Econo Lift on the Lake of the Ozarks.

Moving a Boat Lift on the Water
After you have successfully backed your boat lift into the water, you will now tow it slowly to its home. Econo Lifts allow you to install & level your lift without getting wet or straining muscle.

How to Move a Boat Lift in the Water
Econo Lift makes transitioning boat lifts into water a seamless process. Watch our video of how to move a boat lift in the water.

Econo Lift Boat Lifts Lake of the Ozarks Drone Footage
Take a look at Econo Lift’s boat lift center from above, courtesy of our drone.

Econo Lift at Overland Park Boat Show 2017
Econo Lift has been a family-owned business at the Lake of the Ozarks for 33 years. They’ve maintained a strong business by changing with the times, while ensuring that their quality of product never changes. Watch the entire Econo Lift interview at the Overland Park Boat Show 2017.