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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect daily activities, many people with a love for boating may be wondering if they can still enjoy this activity to get out of the house. Boating can be a great escape, and it’s possible to practice safe boating by taking proper safety measures.

We at Econo Lift have answered some of your frequently asked questions about boating during COVID-19.

Is Boating a Safe Social Distancing Activity?

Put simply, boating is a safe social distancing activity, but there are certain aspects to keep in mind if you want your excursions to be consistently safe and adhere to the guidelines in place.

First, it’s important to limit the number of people on your boat to those you currently live with, whether it’s your family or roommates. Allowing guests to go boating with you is not recommended at this time.

To further protect yourself and others, you’ll need to avoid pulling up onto beaches or close to other boats on the water, as doing so could make it difficult to remain safely distanced from other boaters or beachgoers.

Prior to getting in your boat, you should also stay at least six feet away from others while loading or refueling your boat.

If you touch any objects at the marina or on your way to your boat, you should wash your hands with soap and water if available, or use hand sanitizer. Also, wash any other items that may be contaminated before placing them in the boat.

What Boat Ramps Are Open in Missouri?

Each state along with individual counties and municipalities has varying regulations in place regarding where you can go boating during COVID-19 shutdowns.

In Missouri specifically, state parks and boat ramps throughout the state are currently open and operating with social distancing guidelines. For a list of Missouri state parks and the status of marinas as well as concession-operated lodging, dining, and retail visit Missouri State Parks COVID-19 Response page.

How Do I Disinfect My Boat During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

According to Harvard Medical School, recent studies have found that COVID-19 can live on solid surfaces for hours to days at a time, with the virus being capable of surviving up to two to three days on stainless steel and plastic surfaces. While you shouldn’t need to worry too much about your boat becoming infected if you limit contact between you and those you live with, you may want to take certain steps to disinfect your boat.

You can keep your boat clean by using EPA-approved disinfectants followed by rinsing them thoroughly. Unfortunately, certain cleaners such as acids and bleach can do damage to your boat, which is why rinsing afterward is always necessary.

What Happens if the Boat Breaks Down and I Need Help During COVID-19?

Mechanical issues can always occur with your boat, in which case you will need assistance. You may be worried about the accessibility of emergency services, but thankfully many on-the-water towing services are still active and can respond to any emergency requests. The U.S. Coast Guard and other state agencies are also still active and can give you the help you need should a situation occur. However, you should still check with your local towing businesses and emergency services for any updates before boating.

Contact the Boat Lift Experts

You can still enjoy boating during the COVID-19 outbreak and spend some time out of the house, but don’t forget to put safety first to protect both you and other boaters. Our easy-to-use boat lifts are a great way to store and protect your watercraft.

Contact Econo Lift to have our team help you decide which boat lift is right for you!

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